Sizes Explained

XXS = 40mm x 10mm

XS = 60mm x 15 mm

S = 70mm x 25 mm (Tag Label)

M = 85mm x 30mm

L = 120mm x 35mm

XL = 180mm x 40mm

XXL = 240mm x 60mm

XXL = 300mm x 80mm


Each Size represents the MAXIMUM SIZE of one word labels. To make the most of your label size, the size of your font will be adjusted according to your longest word.

NOTE: If you are wishing to match font size from a previous order you MUST add a note to selling indicating which labels you are matching and previous invoice number. Ie. ‘Please match my tag labels in this order to the tag labels I ordered on invoice#0001 as I will be hanging them in the same space’.

Multiple word labels

Unless stated otherwise, each word is cut on a new line. For example:




Therefore, in this example, Self Raising Flour in a MEDIUM SIZE LABEL would have a maximum size of 85mm Wide (this does not change) x 90mm Height (ie.30mm x 3  for 3 words)

There are some exceptions to this when the label is designed to sit all on the one line. For example Oil & Vinegar Labels. In these cases, the listing will mention the maximum dimensions and will state that they are cut on one line.

All labels have the flexibility to be applied as you desire. If you receive Self Raising Flour over 3 lines, it has the ability to be applied to your surface in the one line (if you have the space). Instructions will come with your labels.