Bra Organiser - The Boobie Trap



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Did you know that the best thing for bras is space? Ideally they should be stored upright, with their cup shape maintained. Never folded or crumpled. 

This bra organiser is the solution to your underwear drawer. Not only does it keep them organised, it preserves their shape, protects delicate lace guarding against snags, allows them to breathe whilst also making them easily accessible. No more digging through the drawer to find the right bra.

The Boobie Trap Bra Organiser ® does all that with a clever design that fits perfectly into your lingerie or underwear drawer. Each pack contains five sections that are flexible and gentle on fine fabrics. Simply snap sections together to create storage that keep bras organized, uncrushed, visible and easy to grab. You can even use the bra organiser to store swimwear tops.

  • Made of soft, flexible polypropylene
  • Can store up to 10 bras, depending on style
  • Fits bras A-D cup


350mm (W) x 203mm (5 modules) x 120mm (H)