Stylish Minimalist Pantry Label Set



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Stylish, modern, minimalist labels to organise everything in your pantry. 

Each pack contains 156 item labels, as well as 21 category labels - for those who like to group items together in a box or basket. The labels are pre-cut to 7cm x 7cm in size and are self adhesive, making them easy to apply - no special skills required! They can be wiped clean to ensure that your beautifully organised pantry stays looking beautiful for years to come. 

Completing the set is 96 mini use by labels which allows you to keep track of the dates in your pantry as well as 3 blank labels so that you can add any items you are missing using a marker pen.

Totaling 276 Labels

  • 156 Pantry Labels
  • 21 Category Labels
  • 3 Blank Labels
  • 96 Use By Date Labels

Their simple design will suit any decor.