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Square Labels


Size | 6cm x 6cm


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Square Labels



6cm x 6cm

This listing has been set up for those that want to work to a specific size

These labels will contain ALL of your words within a defined height & width

This is slightly more expensive than choosing one of our dedicated listings, however it is a great option for those worried about size constraints or wanting something a bit more custom. 

Keeping in mind: If you are ordering a list of labels, we will still adjust the font size according to your longest word in that list. This ensures that the font size remains constant but all words fit within the designated size. Long words like 'miscellaneous' within an list of short words like cars, boats, trucks etc can drastically reduce your font size. Maybe consider 'Misc' if you are wanting to utilise your full label size or alternately ordering Miscellaneous separately if you don't want it to reduce your overall font size and are happy for the font size to be different.