How to Order Labels

    • Before ordering labels have a look at where you will be placing them. Measure the length and height of the space. Then check our size guides to see which best fits within your space.
    • Once you have selected a size, enter the list of words that you would like cut.
    • We will adjust the size of your lettering according to the longest word on your list.
    • Your labels will be created using the words spelt as you have entered them. Some prefer American spellings, some Australian, some English, some French… names are all spelt differently… please check what you have typed.
    • Unless you have selected an all uppercase font or you request differently, the first letter of each word will be in capital letters and the remainder of the word will be in lower case. 


    How they will arrive

    • Labels are sent in protective packing to avoid damage. They come with easy to follow application instructions. To see just how easy they are to attach, watch this video.
    • Please apply labels as soon as you can after they arrive. The transfer tape that is used to apply the labels is not designed for long term storage – ideally labels should be affixed within 2 weeks of receiving your order.


    Do you ship overseas?

    Yes, but please email us for a price. Particularly at the moment with Covid 19, there are long delays. We are happy to do all we can to get them to you, however with things changing daily, please check with us first.


    How long will my order take?

    • We don’t know about you, but we hate waiting - so, we have made sure that everything on our site is in stock and ready to go.
    • Of course custom orders need to be custom made, so please allow us a week before dispatch (we will try to make it less). Who likes waiting particularly when you have a project to complete
    • All orders are sent using a tracked delivery service.
    • As soon as your order is ready, you will be sent an email confirming dispatch which will include a tracking number.


    I’m looking for a label that isn’t on you website, can you do me up something custom?

    Have a look under our custom labels, if you are still looking for something different, send us an email and we will try to help you.



    How do I know what size to purchase?

    Each listing has the sizes listed in the description. We have also created a size guide page. Due to each font being slightly different these are a guide and not an exact measurement. See the link below.

    Label Size Guides


    Do you pay for your fonts?

    Absolutely! Legal, anyone selling labels should be paying for the fonts they use. That aside, that is someones creative talent you are using, paying them for their work is the right thing to do.


    What are they made of?

    High performance PVC film. We don’t cut corners on vinyl quality. Our vinyl is rated for long-term OUTDOOR durability making them superior to many other options on the market.


    How do I apply them?

     We will send you detailed instructions, however it is basically 3 steps 

    • Clean
    • Apply
    • Remove (clear transfer layer)


    What can the labels be stuck to?

    The possibilities are endless. However, like any sticker, the labels are designed to be applied to smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, tiles, cupboards, drawers, shelving, blackboards, whiteboards and paper.

    Can you get XXS labels?

    XX Small - Maximum width of 4cm - Special request only. Not suitable for some purposes. Email enquiries only

    We can cut labels smaller than 6cm. Our XXS labels have a rough width of 4cm. However, these are available via email request only. We don't want to sell you anything that you are not 100% happy with, therefore we have made these available via email enquiry only so that we can make sure they are suitable for there intended purpose.

    Do you do a fabric labels?

    Put simply No. Although because we use high quality vinyl our labels will stick to some fabric boxes and raw wood surfaces however it is not a durable solution and therefore is not recommended. You can purchase label plates or one of our purpose designed hooks to attach to these types of surfaces. Dedicated fabric vinyl is needed for fabric and due to so much variation in application technique and fabric types we do not offer iron on fabric labels as we can't guarantee quality.


    Are they removable?

    Yes, you can pick them off like any sticker. However, removal will damage the label, preventing their reuse. Any sticky residue left behind can be removed with eucalyptus oil.

    The process of removal may cause damage to the surface upon which the label was adhered. This is particularly so when larger labels have been adhered to porous surfaces. We will not be responsible for damage caused by label removal. 


    Are they transferable?

    No, removal will damage or misshape the label, preventing their reuse.

    The prefect solution for labels that you want to move around is our specifically designed signature hooks & tags range.

    Signature Hooks & Tags Range


    Is each word one label or each item?

    Each item is considered 1 label

    For example Plain Flour is one label. 


    Can I return my product?

    All of our labels are custom made. If your labels are not what you ordered, or are faulty, we will happily refund you. However, we cannot offer an exchange or a refund simply because you change your mind, have typed a word incorrectly or have miscalculated the size you need. We want you to love your labels, so please measure and check everything you have entered carefully before ordering.  In the unlikely event that the product is faulty, please contact us directly so that we can work towards a resolution. 


      Where do I start?

      Are you new to this and keep going in circles.? We are happy to help you get started. Drop us an email list and we can send you our ‘get started guide’. Alternately if you love the idea but can’t see yourself doing it, we can put you in touch with someone that will do it for you. Just send us an email.