About Us

Hi and Welcome

My name is Elizabeth, founder of Stylish Storage.


I have a husband, three small children, a dog, a bird and a house to keep. My husband and I both work and we all have lots of stuff. I simply don’t have time to waste hunting down everyone’s possessions. I need places to put things and I need to know where those places are!
But I also like things to look pretty. I want to open my cupboard and get excited about getting dressed. I want to go into my kitchen and get excited about cooking. I want to open my office door and know where to find my pens and my paper and my scissors. I want to get excited to get stuck into my day.
I don’t think that is too much to ask. And you know what? I love it. I love labels. And containers. And baskets. And hooks. And canisters. And dividers. And shelving inserts. And little boxes. And matching hangers. And spice jars. And oil jars. And pretty bottles. And little jars. And bags with special little compartments. And things with my name on them. And things with my kid’s names on them. And containers that make a satisfying sound when they shut. And containers that look pretty on the shelf. And all of the big and little things that make finding your stuff easy and satisfying, that make your home look organised and stylish, that make you feel relaxed and content and like you’ve actually got your shit together.


I am always looking at storage. For better and more stylish options. I am starting small but being selective, so keep checking back in.


Xx Lizzie