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Basket Hook & Tag (with label)


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Our basket hooks are made from flexible spring steel and are finished with a white powder coating. Unlike the fixed size of the drawer hook, the basket hook self-adjusts to the size of the edge over which it is hung, allowing you to hang tags over a variety of different edge widths.


Our basket hooks look very similar to the drawer hooks once in place, so you can use either product and even when placed side-by side there won’t be being an obvious difference.

Our basket hooks fit over edges up to 10mm in thickness. This means that they can be used on almost all wicker, rattan, faux rattan, cane or bamboo baskets, plastic or fabric tubs.  Paired with your choice of acrylic or bamboo tag and label, this combination will help get you organised in no time.


The tags are made out of hardy acrylic, modern mirror or natural bamboo. They come with or without holes for hanging and are available in round or rectangle.

We can make custom labels for your tags or you can write on them using permanent marker or paint pen… if you are feeling less committed use whiteboard marker or liquid chalk for an individual, wipe clean option.


Tags are identical front and back so, with the exception of the clear acrylic, can be labelled on both sides. A great for laundry baskets for example: Clean / Dirty or Whites/Darks


Click here for ADDITIONAL blank tags- Round

Click here for ADDITIONAL blank tags- Rectangular



Round Tag is 7.5cm in diameter.

Rectangular Tag is 6cm x 10cm (with holes for hanging on the long or short edge)


The tags will accommodate a maximum of two words per label.


If you want to order extra labels for your tags or labels to put nearby that are the same size, order our small size label.


Click here for ADDITIONAL labels (reverse side)


With the exception of the bamboo, the tags are wrapped in a protective film to prevent them scratching in transit. This film must be removed before labels are attached or tags are written on. 

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As the bamboo does not have the protective layer, we can apply your labels for you if you would prefer. Please add a note to seller requesting to do so. As standard, labels to not come applied to tags.