Wardrobe Divider 5 Set - Baby Labels


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Wardrobe Divider 5 Set - Baby Labels




Baby clothes everywhere?

Finding it hard to keep up with all the different sizes?

Our dividers provide a simple system to get it tidy and importantly, keep it tidy. Putting your baby's clean clothes away and finding what you want when you are in a hurry (aren’t we always) is easy!

Our dividers keep you organised, make life easier and as an added bonus, look pretty too.

  • Available in Black, White and Bamboo
  • Set of 5 dividers 
  • Labels come as pictured with heart detail.




9cm x 17.5cm

Gap = 2.2cm


Black & White

10cm x 19cm

Gap= 2.5cm



With the exception of the bamboo, the tags are wrapped in a protective film to prevent them scratching in transit. This film must be removed before labels are attached or tags are written on. 

Click here to see.

 As the bamboo does not have the protective layer, we can apply your labels for you if you would prefer. Please add a note to seller requesting to do so. As standard, labels do not come applied to tags.