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Our carbon steel drawer hooks are designed to slip over the front of your drawer, allowing you to hang one of our tags on the outside. The hooks are powder coated in white, providing a smooth finish that looks neat and won’t scratch or damage your cabinetry.


Once hung, the tag sits flat against the drawer front and the drawer can be fully closed. If the drawers are within a cupboard, the door will still be able to close.

Make sure you select the correct size A vs B . See dimensions for more infomation.

This listing is the HOOK ONLY.


The drawer hooks are available in two sizes – the size you need will depend on the thickness of the material used to construct your drawers.


The majority of drawers available for sale in Australia are made using 16mm vinyl wrapped melamine. This includes Ikea and Kmart furniture. As long as your drawers are made of material less than 18mm thick, drawer hook A will fit your drawers.


Some custom cabinetry is made using material which is 18-19.5mm thick. Our larger drawer hook (size B) will fit these drawers.

Measure the thickness of the front panel of your drawer. 

If your drawer fronts are less than 18mm thick, select drawer hook size A.

If your drawer fronts are between 18mm and 19.5mm thick, select drawer hook size B.