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Little Labels


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For all those smaller items.

NB: Not all fonts are able to be produced in such a small size. Only suitable fonts appear on the list.

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X Small - Maximum width of 6cm

NB: Not all fonts are able to be produced in such a small size. Only suitable fonts appear on the list.

These labels are very small and require a bit more patience and care when applying. Due to their size they have less sticky surface area. They are only really suited to smooth solid surfaced like glass, acrylic, laminates and hard plastics.

See our FAQ's for details about XXS Labels (<6cm).



  • Before ordering labels have a look at where you will be placing them. Measure the length and height of the space. Then check our size guides to see which best fits within your space.
  • Once you have selected a size, enter the list of words that you would like cut.
  • We will adjust the size of your lettering according to the longest word on your list.
  • Your labels will be created using the words spelt as you have entered them. Some prefer American spellings, some Australian, some English, some French… names are all spelt differently… please check what you have typed.
  • Unless you have selected an all uppercase font or you request differently, the first letter of each word will be in capital letters and the remainder of the word will be in lower case. 



  • Labels are sent in protective packing to avoid damage. They come with easy to follow application instructions. To see just how easy they are to attach, watch this video.
  • Please apply labels as soon as you can after they arrive. The transfer tape that is used to apply the labels is not designed for long term storage – ideally labels should be affixed within 2 weeks of receiving your order.
  • Unless stated otherwise, labels with more than 1 word (eg Dairy Free) will be centered and placed over 2-3 lines. Once you receive them, these can be cut and applied on the one line should you wish.



All of our labels are custom made. If your labels are not what you ordered, or are faulty, we will happily refund you. However, we cannot offer an exchange or a refund simply because you change your mind, have typed a word incorrectly or have miscalculated the size you need. We want you to love your labels, so please measure and check everything you have entered carefully before ordering.