Wardrobe Divider 5 Set (Blank)


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Wardrobe Divider 5 Set (Blank)




Is your wardrobe a mess?

Our dividers provide a simple system to get it tidy and importantly, keep it tidy. Putting your clean clothes away and finding what you want when you are in a hurry (aren’t we always) is easy!

Our dividers can be used to mark out sections of your wardrobe – How you divide is up to you.

You might prefer to divide by type: skirts, pants, blouses, jumpers

Or according to purpose: workwear, weekend, formal, date nights

Perhaps you prefer to divide by season - keeping the winter woollies in the harder to reach sections during summer and viceversa

Or you might be a divide by size person – So you know that everything you try from that section will fit!

Great for baby clothes – when you have multiple sizes to keep up with rapid growth.

If you find it hard to part with items – why not use our dividers to help you confirm your choices. Add a Let Me 'Think' or Probation divider to your wardrobe and if clothes in that section aren’t worn for a year, OUT THEY GO!

Our dividers keep you organised, make life easier and as an added bonus, look pretty too.

  • Available in Black, White and Bamboo
  • Set of 5 dividers 
  • Fits most standard rails



9cm x 17.5cm

Gap = 2.2cm


Black & White

10cm x 19cm

Gap= 2.5cm